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In today's competitive e-Business era, the high degree of customer interaction and increased complexity of e-Business systems magnifies the risk of failure associated with web-based applications. e-Business application testers need to cope with such issues as compressed project timelines, frequent application changes, lack of well defined business requirements, increased security concerns and unpredictable user loads. Consequently, e-Business testing assumes a critical role in e-Business application development and maintenance.

Bensoft Systems's QA Test Center provides the solution to your e-Testing dilemma. Our end-to-end e-testing services can help you address the problems faced by your organization. Bensoft Systems continuously maintains and enhances the test environment with a state of the art hardware infrastructure and best-of-breed tools to ensure high quality testing and shortened project timelines. Moreover, our alliances with leading tool vendors help reduce your testing costs.

Bensoft Services
• Design Review and Walkthroughs.
• Preparation of test plans.
• Development of test cases.
• Test Automation Scripting.
• Development of test beds.
• Functional, Volume, Stress and Performance Testing
• Problem Reporting

Key factors are:
•Develop test objectives, strategies, processes, plans, software procedures, cases and documentation.
•Expertise in functional decomposition of specifications to produce test cases.
•Product evaluation that includes desk checking, walkthroughs, technical reviews, formal review and inspections.
•Usability analysts evaluate functionality, information architecture, navigation and overall design of the software.
•Parallel work with the product teams to ensure reduction time for release.
•Engineering expertise in setting-up complex test environments including hybrid clusters of different types of hardware and software. (Windows NT, Unix and Linux).
•Test Automation Skills (including custom developed automation programs).
• Programming abilities for creation of stress and performance test programs.
•Maintenance and QA improvement services on a continuous basis
•Reproduction of client’s production environment to test in the same environment.


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Software Outsourcing
Software Outsourcing
Software Outsourcing


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